artist and educator

Rojia Dadashzadeh is senior school visual arts teacher specialized in teaching MYP and DP. Rojia is also a practicing and exhibiting artist. Her teaching and artistic practice are closely intertwined in ways that one is informative of the other. Themes of identity, justice, change and awareness are of importance to her. Rojia's training in “clownology” and performance art have guided and informed her artistic and pedagogical approach in incorporating playful and imaginative approaches with her students as a portal to narrate their personal and intercultural understandings, and to engage their audience in the narratives. Rojia incorporates the works of many contemporary artists in her teaching to emphasis the importance and responsibility of artists in 21st century. Rojia holds an Honours degree in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo, a post-graduate degree in New Media Design from Sheridan, Le Grand Diploma in cuisine and pastry from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, and Bachelor of Education from UBC in Art Education. Rojia is represented by Art Interiors Gallery in Toronto and is an exhibiting artist. Her last Exhibition was at Pendulum Gallery in spring of 2017, The Garden. Her work has been published in various media outlets such as Preview magazine, Vancouver Sun, Ellele and Georgia Straight. Rojia has recently been invited to act as a planning committee member in the 2019 Making Insea Conference (International Society of Education Through Art) at UBC. Insea is an international organization affiliated with Unesco with the mandate to promote peace and equality through the arts since 1956. Rojia's goal for this year is apply for art grants and enter the public art domain.