Dear clients, I offer arrays of fun and engaging 4-hour workshops at my studio at 1000 Parker Street. My workshops are for 3-5 people. Workshops will be available at different times of the year and the dates will be available here, so please check back, or you can contact me for further information. 

Alcohol Ink and Mixed Media Workshop on Yupo Paper $130 per person, materials included.

Offered on Aug 23, 2023

In this workshop participants will learn techniques of working with alcohol ink to create a beautiful surface on a Yupo paper, they then learn how to work with mixed media (acrylic markers, fineliners, and pencil to add refinement and details to the work. This workshop is a day long.

Collage and Mixed Media Workshop, $130 per person, materials included.

In this workshop participants will learn a few cutting techniques to cut out interesting images and pictures out of their original contexts from magazines, newspapers and books and place them into intriguing and artistic contexts. They will learn gluing techniques to create a clean collage, They also will play with some mixed media options to create their one images to cut out.The result will be a collage that reflects a personal narrative.

Watercolour and Mixed Media $130 per person, materials included.In this fun and relaxing worksop students will learn techniques of working with magical watercolour to create an abstract composition. They will learn to work with salt, alcohol and water to create surprising effect with watercolour and complete their work by playing with other materials such as colour pencils, Posca pens, and Gelly pens.

Watercolour and stitching: a therapeutic workshop $130 per person, materials included.In this relaxing and therapeutic worksop students will work with watercolour to stain their canvas, then learn a few classic and fun stitching techniques and work with embroidery threads to accentuate the details of their creation